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Sterimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray 0-3 Years 50ml

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  • 100% Natural Sea Water based Nasal Sprays; GP no.1 recommended brand
  • Gently clears and unblocks from birth
  • Helps ensure comfortable breathing to facilitate sleep and feeding; Helps wash out impurities (dust, pet hair, allergens, mucus)

For more than 40 years Sterimar has been helping families breathe free, naturally. Sterimar Breathe Easy Baby has been especially developed to clear and unblock little noses. The patented safety nozzle has been specificaly designed with an ergonimc shape and non-slip coating surface to ensure an easy and stress free application every time. *UK's no.1 prescribed non-medicated nasal spray (GPRx data from May 2018 to October 2019, UK)

The isotonic formula has an equal sodium chloride (salt) concentration to that of the human body cells so is recommended for everyday cleansing to limit the risks of obstructions. The Sea Water based formula is rich in marine mineral salts and essential trace elements and is FREE FROM Steroids, Drugs and Preservatives. Can be used from birth on its own or with other nasal medication based on the advice of a doctor.