Tyrozets Dual Action Lozenges for Throat Pain 24 Lozenges

Tyrozets Dual Action Lozenges for Throat Pain 24 Lozenges

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Tyrozets Dual Action Throat Lozenges can give you quick relief for a sore throat. The unique dual-action makes Tyrozets a popular lozenge. They are lightly flavoured with aniseed and contain active ingredients Benzocaine and Tyrothricin which fight against infection and bacteria that cause throat pain.

How Does Benzocaine, Tyrothricin & Tyrozets Lozenges Work?

Benzocaine is a local anaesthetic that is commonly used as a topical pain reliever, ointments or in cough drops that are readily available over-the-counter. This provides the user with quick pain relief to your sore throats. 

Tyrothricin is an antibiotic mixture, which clears up the infection. 


  • Anaesthetic to quickly numb throat pain
  • Antibiotic to fight against throat infection