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Veet Warm Wax Essential Oils and Floral Vanilla 250ml

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Professional Quality

Inspired from ancestral oriental wax recipes, Veet Oriental Wax is enriched with Essentials Oils and it has a delightful new Floral Vanilla fragrance.


Veet Rinsable Oriental Wax has been designed to provide professional quality at home, leaving you with perfectly smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. Inspired by ancient oriental wax recipes, it's enriched with essential oils and a delightful floral vanilla fragrance to leave your skin sumptuously soft and delicately scented. Each pack contains a jar of water rinsable, dermatologically tested wax sufficient for three depilations of both half legs, 12 fabric strips and a precision spatula. The spatula is specially adapted for your legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and upper lip, and features a temperature indicator to tell you if the wax is too hot. It's surprisingly easy to use; simply warm the wax for 40 seconds in a microwave or 10 minutes in boiling water and apply using the spatula, then smooth a strip over the top and instantly pull it off, to leave your skin impeccably smooth.