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A Vogel

A Vogel Prostasan Saw Palmetto Soft Capsules (30)

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50% of men over 50 suffer prostate problems. Prostasan capsules are unique in containing the oil of Saw Palmetto berries, and the right amount of active ingredients for a one-a-day dose. Prostasan is used to help relieve symptoms including:

  • The need to urinate frequently (especially at night)
  • Weak or interrupted urinary flow
  • A feeling that you cannot empty your bladder completely

  Before using Prostasan you must have been told by your doctor that you have an enlarged prostate (BPH).


  1 capsule contains 320mg of extract (as soft extract) from Saw palmetto fruit (serenoa repens (Bartram) Small fructus (Sabal serrulata(Michaux) Nichols fructus)(9-12 :1) Extraction solvent: Ethanol 96% V/V The other ingredients used for the capsule shell are gelatin, glycerol, sorbitol, iron oxide (red, black and yellow) and purified water.

  Directions for use:
  Adults and the elderly: Take one capsule daily with food.

  Not for use in children or those under 18.

   For oral use only. Read leaflet before use.