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Bach Enjoy the Moment 30 ml (3 x 10 ml)

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Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the moment

Edward Back was inspired by nature and harmony to provide a more holistic way. This led him to discover the 38 Original Bach Flower Essences which to this day, are still made using flowers handpicked from his original gardens in Oxfordshire, UK. Designed to meet each person's individual needs, they can be taken singularly, or combination.


1 x 10ml White Chestnut: Grape alcohol (approx. 27% v/v), flower extract of White Chestnut

1 x 10ml Larch: Grape alcohol (approx. 27% v/v), flower extract of Larch

1 x 10ml Mimulus: Grape alcohol (approx. 27% v/v), flower extract of Mimulus

Direction: Put 2 drops into a drink of your choice and sip regularly.