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Etiaxil Roll-On Antiperspirant 15ml Sensitive (Green)

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Regulation of the excessive perspiration of the armpits.

Etiaxil Antiperspirant Roll-On Treatment for Armpits is specially designed to regulate perspiration, without blocking this natural phenomenon. This product prevents the formation of disturbing bad smells. It has been specially designed to preserve the sensitive skins from possible irritations.


Etiaxil contains Hexydrated Aluminium Chloride in alcohol, allowing an optimized action and an antibacterial function. This association is also at the origin of the prevention of bad smells.

Applied as needed to the armpits, this product directly acts to the sudoral glands and regulates perspiration. Glands are thus treated, they just "fall asleep" and stay intact.

3 Types:

- Sensitive - for excessive transpiration and sensitive skin

- Normal - for excessive transpiration and normal skin

- Confort+ for strong transpiration and sensitive skin




For a better effectiveness, apply Etiaxil in the evening before going to bed to a clean, clear and dry skin. Let dry naturally at the air. 

The effectiveness of Etiaxil allows to space up the applications. At the beginning of the treatment, apply it 2 days in a row before going to bed. Once the needed comfort is reached, apply it one day out of 2, 3, 4, and finally once a week.

Precautions for use: After shaving or waxing, don't apply the product within 48 hours.