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Hairfollic Her Advanced Dual Pack Capsules & Tablets

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Biomarine-collagen, Phytosterols
With biotin & selenium to help maintain normal hair health

DUAL PACK 60 Tablets / Capsules. 15 day supply.

Advanced vitamin and mineral tablets with Biomarine-collagen, plus plant oils, phytosterols and rye extract capsules

    • No artificial colours
    • No preservatives
    • No yeast
    • Hairfollic is not tested on animals

Expert support from Hairfollic Her with Beaulixir

Hairfollic is developed to help safeguard the diet with specific nutrients to support normal hair. It includes levels of biotin, selenium and zinc which help to maintain normal hair health and copper which contributes to normal hair pigmentation.

Hairfollic Micronutrient Tablets

Hair is made of keratin, a structural protein built from amino acids. Hairfollic® contains amino acids, plus folate which supports normal amino acid synthesis and magnesium which supports normal protein synthesis.

with Tricologic for women

An exclusive Biomarine-collagen complex for women including selenium and zinc which contribute to normal hair plus hydrolysed marine collagen, grape seed extract and amino acids.

Advanced Beaulixir Capsules

Beaulixir® complex is a complementary approach to topical products. This unique capsule contains an advanced proprietary formula including natural phytonutrients:

    • Borage
    • Saw Palmetto
    • Wheatgerm
    • Linseed

Providing an average of 95% fatty acids


Suitable for

Suitable for adults