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Healthspan Love Your Joints 84 tablets - 28 day supply

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Healthspan ‘Love Your Joints’ is a combination of three advanced supplements to provide daily support for healthy joints. Expertly formulated using a collection of supplements the love you joints contains a daily dose of:
Optiflex® Glucosamine HCl: sustainably sourced from corn with added vitamin C to contribute to normal collagen formation1.
Opti-Turmeric®: advanced liquid curcumin, Opti-Turmeric is 185x better absorbed and 7x faster-acting than standard turmeric powder. Each capsule contains 500mg highly absorbable NovaSOL® curcumin.
Joint Complex:: containing vitamins C and D, with bromelain, calcium, copper and extracts of ginger and rosehip for a comprehensive tablet to safeguard your joints and connective tissue while contributing to normal bone and muscle health.

  • 28 day supply
  • Contains three different supplements
  • Stomach friendly
  • Expertly developed
  • Helps to support joint health