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Klarify Allergen Blocker

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Klarify.Me Allergen Blocker is a clinically proven nasal powder spray that delivers fast, effective protection against airborne allergens such as those from pollen, pets and dust mites.

Recommended by The British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology as a drug-free treatment with no side effects. It is suitable for adults, athletes, pregnant and breastfeeding women and children from 18 months. The powder turns into a gel inside the nose, creating a barrier to shield and protect from airborne allergens by preventing them from landing on the nasal membrane and triggering an allergic response.

The efficacy of Klarify.Me Allergen Blocker has been proven in over 28 clinical trials conducted on over 1,000 people worldwide. Based on these trials the symptom reduction can be compared to usual results in placebo-controlled studies of allergy rescue medication, e.g. antihistamines.

Can be used alongside other allergy treatments, as part of a combination therapy in the fight against hay fever and allergies.

Klarify.Me Allergen Blocker works effectively on its own for mild to moderate sufferers and can be used in combination with other treatments for more severe allergies.