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Nourkrin Man For Hair Growth - Pack of 180 (3 month Supply)

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A scientifically formulated hair loss treatment, Nourkrin Man provides the correct nutrients to support the hair growth cycle. An award-winning formula, it is appreciated by men across the globe and unlocks the secret of healthy hair growth. Featuring a precise dose of Marilex (fish extract) plus carefully chosen ingredients which support hair follicle health, Nourkrin Man sees dormant follicles sparked back into life.


Half of all men will experience hair thinning before they reach the age of 50. Hair loss could be caused by a number of factors, but all will likely affect the hair growth cycle. This can be impacted by stress, poor nutrition, cholesterol, high blood pressure, hairstyling, genetics and diabetes. If your hair is thinning, Nourkin Man helps to restore that all-important normal growth cycle to give you the look you cherish. It's drug-free and safe, so why not give it a try?