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Perspirex for Men Maxmimum 20ml

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High-strength formula

Clinically proven* to provide extra-effective sweat protection. 

For severe perspiration problems

This high-strength formula is developed for severe perspiration problems.

5 days long-lasting effect

Perspirex Maximum provides extra-effective sweat protection for 5 days. The long-lasting effect is clinically proven * Antiperspirant Efficacy Test, FDA-Guideline for Effectiveness Testing of OTC Antiperspirant Drug Products.


1. Apply to dry and unbroken skin

2. Apply at night. Allow Perspirex to dry fully after application. Use every night until the desired effect is achieved– usually within 1 week.

3. Wash off in the morning. Use soap and water. Do not re-apply. Apply a regular scented deodorant if desired. This will not affect efficacy.