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Sea-band for Adult

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The Sea-Band Acupressure Anti-Nausea Bracelet acts against all common forms of nausea. Very useful against motion sickness, it is also effective against nausea caused by pregnancy or chemotherapy. In boating, it will be used to suppress the effects of 'seasickness'.

Easy to put on at each wrist, it acts 4 to 5 minutes after application, even if it is used after the first signs of nausea. Its action is maintained as long as it is worn.

It acts by mechanical effect at the P6 point, the Nei-Kuan or the 'door of the Interior'. By applying gentle pressure on this acupuncture point, it helps to control nausea.

The Sea Band bracelet does not present any risk of side effects or drowsiness. It is made of washable elastic material.
Anti-nausea bracelet (in transport, during pregnancy...), for adults.